Fragrances supplied by Ertrag with applications in:

1. soft drinks industry:

•  emulsions : pineapple, orange, tropical, peach, apricot, grapefruit, lemon, mango, tutti frutti, strawberry, cherry, raspberry, exotic, etc.
•  fragrances with colorant included : cherry, raspberry, blueberry, red currant
•  cola
•  bases
2. alcoholic drinks industry:

•  rum, brandy, vodka, plum, vanillas, chocolate
•  fruits flavors for liquors: apricot, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc.
3. sweets industry
4. pastry confectionery industry
5. meat industry
6. ice cream
7. can industry
8. dressings, mayonnaise, mustard, ketch-up
9. snacks, chips
  Short presentation

ERTRAG, una din companiile cele mai importante din Romania in domeniul distributiei de ingrediente si arome pentru industria alimentara, a fost infiintata 1998, desfasurandu-si activitatea la inceput in partea de sud a tarii prin cele doua depozite deschise in Bucuresti si Craiova.

Succesul firmei s-a bazat pe calitatea Aromelor distribuite si pe service-ul oferit partenerilor prin consultanta de specialitate si livrarea ...


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